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QuantumBrief provides security audits and technical support for blockchain applications. Our team consists of professionals with a background in computer science, blockchain security and mathematics.

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Auditing Process


Send us your request with a brief explanation of your product and if possible a sample of your code.


Receive a quote for the audit and the time it will take to complete it.


Our top technicians will start working on your project. We'll deliver a detailed security brief.


We'll collaborate with your team to fix all found issues.

Why QuantumBrief?


Smart Contracts handle valuable assets in a public adversarial environment. They require thorough testing and security practice. We take our craft very seriously and work closely with our clients to ensure their applications are secure.


Besides finding all bugs and exploits, we will help you improve the quality of your codebase and optimize your contracts to minimize gas costs.

Application Specific

Security doesn't have the same meaning for all projects. We secure your protocol not only to protect assets but to prevent unwanted actions to happen according to the specificity of your project.

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